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More computing performance and memory capacity: netcup presents new Generation 7 root servers

06.06.2016, Kategorie: Press Releases

Press release dated 06.06.2016

root-server-generation7Karlsruhe – The Internet provider netcup ( has added further high-performance root servers to its portfolio. The new Generation 7 root servers are equipped with the latest Intel® XEON® processors with Broadwell architecture. Up to eight dedicated kernels per root server are now available in the new root server generation. DDR4 ECC-tested modules of 2400 MHz clock rate are used as RAM.

Instead of the 99.6 per cent minimum availability guaranteed up to now, the Generation 7 root servers now achieve a guaranteed minimum availability of 99.9 per cent on a yearly average. netcup thus offers a highly available, redundant IT infrastructure for discerning companies. As almost all customers of the European DSL providers are also connected directly to the netcup infrastructure, the minimum availability can be increased further again. „For years we have been investing in a network connection with multiple redundancy and in a redundant power supply, and are constantly expanding these. We have also done a lot in the field of security, in particular regarding the avoidance of DDoS attacks. For instance, we provide a free-of-charge DDoS filter for each root server,“ says Oliver Werner, Managing Director of netcup GmbH.

The new root servers are offered by netcup under the names RS 2000 – RS 8000 with 8, 16, 24 or 32 GB RAM, in each case as an SAS or as an SSD version. „With both the SAS and the SSD hard disks, we use fast and secure RAID10 and thus guarantee a high fail safety and write/read speed. As far as memory capacity is concerned, 1.5 TB of hard disk memory is available with the largest model of the SAS variant. In contrast, the SSD variant offers less memory capacity but is substantially quicker,“ adds Oliver Werner.

In addition to the new root servers, netcup also continues to offer low-cost virtual private servers (VPS) with a guaranteed minimum availability of 99.6 per cent on a yearly average. Like the root servers, they are virtualised by KVM but do not include any dedicated CPU kernels. Instead, several instances share several CPU kernels if necessary. Only branded hardware from Hewlett Packard Enterprise is used in the root servers and in the VPS. Furthermore, the servers from netcup, with remote management console, DVD drive, snapshot management, a large selection of pre-configured images and the possibility of importing and exporting images, offer numerous additional features.

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