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New management interface for web hosting: netcup simplifies server administration

11.10.2017, Kategorie: Press Releases

Press release dated 20.09.2017

netcup WebhostingpanelKarlsruhe – Since the start of 2014, the web host netcup ( has based its hosting offers on a redundant cloud infrastructure deployed across multiple servers. A web hosting account does not draw its resources from one single physical server but instead benefits from the resources of different servers on the cloud. “Compared to an application server, an email server needs more storage space, for example, but at the same time less CPU performance. We take this into consideration with our cloud infrastructure. The result is very economical web hosting fees combined with very good performance and high availability. That is because our cloud continues to operate even if an individual server fails. Moreover, resources can be scaled precisely to meet customer requirements,” explains Felix Preuss, Managing Director of netcup GmbH.

Up to now, netcup has been using the software solution Plesk Automation, manufactured by Parallels, for central management of the cloud infrastructure. Effective immediately, netcup will now rely on their own software development which will be directly integrated into the existing Customer Control Panel (CCP). The management software Plesk Onyx will now be used on the individual service nodes, and controlled by central management. Administrators and web professionals can go directly from CCP to the Plesk Onyx interface. This change means that the web host can significantly accelerate the processing of settings. This can take place within seconds. Moreover Plesk Onyx delivers a more comprehensive range of functions than the solution in use up to now.

New web hosting offers

With the introduction of the new panel, netcup offers four new web hosting packages. The most important new changes include the offer from Ruby and NodeJS in the two biggest packages “Webhosting 4000” and “Webhosting 8000”. Each account is also provided with their own IPv6 address. If desired by the customer, a proxy via nginx can also be connected in front of the application servers to speed up data delivery. Added to this is the availability of PHP resources via a scalable FPM server.

Netcup has doubled the storage space for emails and applications in all new packages and calculates these separately. The number of domains included free has also been increased to 12. The web host continues to offer free SSL certificates with the Let’s Encrypt certificate. These can be applied for and extended for as many subdomains as desired through the new management interface.

Transfer of all settings during migration

Netcup will migrate existing web hosting accounts to the new panel within the next four months. Affected customers will be informed about the migration date at least 30 days beforehand. “The only thing migration will change will be the panel for the administration of the web hosting settings and email addresses. Existing settings will be transferred to the new panel. As the deployed servers remain the same, the IP addresses that are used will also not change,” said Felix Preuss. In spite of the greater range of functions in the new panel, the prices for older packages remain stable. Upgrades to the new web hosting packages will be possible after migration.

On the occasion of the introduction of the new management interface, netcup is offering its new web hosting plans at a discount of 25 percent off the current price. Customers will only pay EUR 1.49 per month when booking the basic package “Webhosting 1000”. The comprehensive web hosting package “Webhosting 8000” falls to EUR 9.74 per month.

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